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Our e-learning platform shall simplify the way trainers and institutes can create courses with their contents, engaging the learner in real interactive environment.


Learning Management System (LMS):

This system framework delivers and manages instructional contents, identifies and assesses individual and organizational learning/training goals, automates the administration of course delivery events. Broadly the LMS platform registers user, track the course in the catalogue, record data from the learners, skill gap analysis, reporting and provide management support. It also carry has online customizable examination module. It offers personal learning environment for users to take control and manage their own learning. This platform allows personalization of the contents and enables knowledge reuse.
Key elements:
  • Training work flow for professional companies (user notification, manager approval, wait list management)
  • Online assessment management for CPE (Continuous professional education)
  • Collaborative learning such as applications sharing, discussion thread etc.
  • Training resource management
  • Performance management systems: this encompass employee appraisal, competency management, skill gap analysis, succession planning and multi rate assessment (360 degree review)
  • Competency based training: it discover learning gaps and guide training material selection.
  • Rewards based on scores
    The platform helps educational institutes to enhance and support classroom teaching offering the capability to spread the courses to larger population. Talent management which manages the performance, online assessment and talent capital tasks is part of this LMS.
    • LCMS – This system allows trainer and training people to manage both admin and content related functionalities. It offers content creation and content storage capabilities
    • SLMS – Social leaning is catching up fast. This system offers a collaborative way of learning and sharing.
    • e-Training System – Notification
All above services are delivered in responsive manner over laptops, smart mobiles, tablets, iPads etc.

CMS (Content Management System):

This provides multi user environment where in developers, authors, instructional designers and subject matter experts can create, store, manage, deliver, reuse knowledge contents from central depository. It helps in managing & publishing the contents via LMS.

Rather than developing entire courses and adapting them to multiple audiences, an LCMS provides the ability for single course instances to be modified and republished for various audiences maintaining versions and history. The objects stored in the centralized repository can be made available to course developers and content experts throughout an organization for potential reuse and repurpose. This eliminates duplicate development efforts and allows for the rapid assembly of customized content.

We have intelligent system tools to deliver and manage instructor-led synchronous and asynchronous online training based on learning object methodology.

CMS provide tools for authoring and reusing or re-purposing content as well as virtual spaces for student interaction (such as discussion forums, live chat rooms and live web-conferences).

CMS platform can either be used in tandem with an LMS, or as a standalone application for learning initiatives that require rapid development and distribution of learning content.

CMS Functionality
  • Template-driven, Collaborative Content Development
  • Facilitated Content Management (i.e., indexing and reuse)
  • Publishing
  • Workflow Integration
  • Automated Interface with LMS