We create and supplement the next generation ways and means of sharing the knowledge and information, meaningfully, across all the digital platforms.

The most simplified Learning Management System (LMS/LCMS) rich in all Features-

Welcome to eChaarya, the world of best E-learning Solutions. The distance education industry is vast and so the team at eChaarya; is always available at your service to provide you all time access to your distance Learning content and E-governance services. Online Learning is a latest trend in the Education industry specially meant for the busy learners in today’s running competitive race and so LMS is always a best choice.

People want to learn varieties of courses in different ways but are stuck up in the limitations of enough time, long distances and efficient resources. Distance education helps and answers you in such situations and so to get a right path from this lack of factors, e-learning or we can say; Online Learning is the best solution.

We provide you the most user friendly Learning Management System (LMS/LCMS) and help you build your online courses. LMS helps users to access your web based courses anytime, anywhere via web browser and can track the progress with Personalized Automated Learning System (PALS). Online learning is a highly recommended option in the education and LMS is widely used online training software, these days.

Get a best knowledge sharing platform with our distance learning program of LMS, where everyone can become a part of international classroom with the virtual classroom technology delivered by us and can assess themselves online at anytime. Users can get their queries resolved with Live Chat and Bulletin Board with the distance education system. We offer a 3rd party APIs to connect with the platform to become a part of knowledge resources sharing community in the distance education. E-training is definitely a collaborative way of knowledge sharing and online training which benefits users in all means and specializing in LMS, eChaarya takes you to this best platform.

We recommend you to go through the below reasons behind building up this LMS i.e online training software-

  • 77% of the corporations are on online learning.
  • 40% of training budget is spent on travel cost.
  • Users should not have to compromise with their nearby educational institution standards and so can gain high standard education with distance education.
  • The power of e-learning and LMS/LCMS helps all the users to receive the best education.
  • E-learning Impacts the way you Play, Work, Interacts & Learns.
  • E-learning will enrich the classroom experience.
  • E-learning helps to collaborate & learn.
  • E-learning helps with learning outcomes.